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We satisfy the legal needs of businesses

Our services in the area of employment and labour law are aimed at providing companies with comprehensive advice on legal matters related to employment, labour law and social security. These matters may arise both in the course of a business’ normal activity and in relation to special operations and transactions.

When necessary, we advise on re-structuring initiatives for our clients, applying the knowledge we have gained in collective bargaining procedures with employees’ representatives and the labour authorities, as well as in liquidation procedures in the course of legal proceedings.

Our wide experience covers:

  • Drafting upper and mid- management contracts
  • Social Benefits – Drafting of stock-option plans, incentives and long term incentives, variable retribution, pension undertakings and flexible benefits packages
  • Negotiation of redundancies and collective dismissals and general advice in corporate restructuring
  • Temporary suspension
  • Dismissal and grievance proceedings
  • Substantial amendment on terms of employment and geographical mobility
  • Advice and legal representation in court and administrative proceedings in social and labour matters
  • Advice and legal representation before work
  • Drafting and negotiating collective agreements and internal policy regulations (Codes of Conduct)
  • Comprehensive advice (i.e. tax, employment, social security and immigration) with regards to ex-pats
  • General advice on obligations and responsibilities regarding Prevention of Occupational Risks and assistance in serious and very serious
  • Advice on tax, bonuses and incentives for employment, participation of shareholders and managers
  • Advice, drafting and negotiation of Equal Opportunity Plans
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