Revision of the limits of liability under the Montreal Convention 1999

As of 28 December 2019, new limits of liability, under the Convention ofr the unification of certain rules for international carriage by air (Montreal Convention 1999), after the ICAO completed the review procedure laid down in its Article 24.

the ICAO announced on last 11 October, by means of the State Letter LE 3/38.1-19/70, the definite approval of the reviewed limits of liability, in accordance with those initially proposed by the ICAO on previous 28 June 2019, as well as its subsequent effective date six months following such date.

the limits of liability have been reviewed by reference to an inflation factor of 13.9%, with respect to the limits of liability in force since 30 December 2009, thus settling such limits in the following amounts, as expressed in Special Drawing Rights (SDR):

Provisions of the Montreal Convention Previous limits (since 30 Dic 2009) New limits (as of 28 Dic 2019)
Article 21
Death or injury of passengers
113.100 128.821
Article 22.1
4.694 5.346
Article 22.2
Destruction, loss, damage or delay of baggage
1.131 1.288
Article 22.3
Destruction, loss, damage or delay of cargo
19 × kg. 22 × kg.

In accordance with the above, airlines should then update their general conditions on carriage, informative notes to passengers and even insurance policy, when needed, so that such documentation reflects the revision of the limits of liability set out by the Montreal Convention 1999.