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Family Offices.

We satisfy the legal needs of businesses

The Family Offices department at AUGUSTA ABOGADOS is made up of lawyers who are highly specialised in business projects run by families. We have in-depth knowledge of the essential aspects of advising family businesses in the current environment, from wealth management to business activity, focusing in long term and internationalisation.

Some of our legal services to assess family companies are the following:

  • Mergers and acquisitions of family businesses
  • Contracts and relationships between related companies and family members
  • Family Agreements
  • Listing family companies
  • Restructuring family company groups
  • Labour advice
  • Corporate governance and advice to the Board of Directors
  • Internacionalization of family businesses
  • Planning and tax advice for all types of operations
  • Professionalization of highly specialized management in family based projects
  • Sucession plans

Alicia Herrador
Sara Iglesias
Senior lawyer
Alba Ródenas
Senior lawyer
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