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Corporate Restructuring and Insolvency.

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Our Firm and partners have a wide and proven experience in legal advice in companies at critical situations and have taken part in a number of the major insolvency proceedings in Spain in the last few years, advising either the debtor or the creditors involved, and have also acted as receiver appointed by the Commercial Courts.

The experience gleaned from years of advising companies in difficult economic situations has brought us into direct contact with financial entities, public entities, official receivers, Commercial Courts and other legal operators. This enables us to anticipate legal solutions for imminent or current insolvency situations and provide each company with the best path to restructure their liabilities using pre-insolvency mechanisms or by filing an insolvency proceeding.

Our practice includes:

  • Financial restructuring
  • Advice in pre-insolvency situations
  • Legal counsel and advice in insolvency proceedings
  • Defense before reinstatement actions
  • Advice to the creditor in defense of their loans and guarantees in the insolvency framework
  • Advice and negotiation of special agreements with the Tax and Social Security Agencies
  • Advice on possible liability of the members of the advisors board
  • Advice on the acquisition of companies in crisis

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