Club Augusta resumes its presential sessions with the presentation of Juan Costa Climent

Last Thursday, July 2nd, Club Augusta opened its doors again with the lecture “Multicapitalism: New elements to measure economic progress in the post-covid era”, by Juan Costa Climent, Former Minister of Science and Technology and former Secretary of State for the Revenue and Trade, as well as author of the book: The Unstoppable Revolution: One Planet, One Economy, One Government.

In this session, the speaker reflected on the concept of current economic progress, which cannot be measured only in monetary terms or in terms of mere production without taking into account the environment in which it is produced or the externalities of this economic activity. The measurement of progress must include issues such as social justice, ecological balance, the health situation, the contribution of culture, or the added value of information technologies.

From Club Augusta we would like to thank Mr. Costa for his participation in this session.